Crossy Road – help the chicken cross the road!

Never anyone will be able to answer the question why the chicken needs to cross the road. The Hipster Whale company gives you a chance to find out the truth by helping a cute chicken to cross the road in a mindblowing viral smash game Crossy Road. To make the game available for the global community the game is compatible with both leading mobile platforms as Android and iOS. Moreover, the game is absolutely free to play. You can load some cash into your account to buy coins. If you doubt the excitement of the game, then take a look at Google and iTunes where the number of downloads have risen beyond two millions with five star customer reviews prevailing. Let us take a deeper look at the gameplay to find out what is there so captivating in this simple arcade that the game has absorbed so many fans and made them forget about top class mobile gadget entertainments!


On starting the game you will be pleased with its retro pixilated design. It seems that the mascots and the environment in the game are made from lego blocks. First, you will be given a mascot – this will be your little hero. There are chickens, koalas, bunnies which are available from the start. Other super cute mascots are available to buy for coins which you will earn in the game. For successful progress you will earn points which will then be exchanged for coins. You can use coins to try luck in the game lottery and win a new mascot. However chances are that you will win the same mascot as you already have. Earning more coins will give you more chances to win more mascots to enjoy the game. You can buy coins for real cash. However successful progress in the game will give you enough coins. Moreover, coins are given for time spent in the game and time spent out of the game. Each start of the game on your device will give you some bonus coins.

The gameplay

Your mascot urgently needs your help to cross the space. It will appear on the road, on the river side, on the train track, on the lane. Te challenge is that the space is full of obstacles: rocks, logs, cars, trains and other hard objects on touching which your mascot will go dead and the game will be over. The objects are moving with various speed, so your mascot and you should not hesitate and plan further moves in advance.

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